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Ondřej Havelka Michaela Lorencová /Havelková

Ondřej Havelka

I was born in the Town of Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic, in 1980. As a lover of independent traveling I went through over 100 countries of the whole world, especially in Africa and Asia. My first solo expedition led to Madagascar, where I set out alone when I was eighteen. Then there were other expeditions to hard accessible, dangerous but beautiful parts of the world, for example Kashmir, Mauritania, Sudan or Pakistan. On my travels I put mind especially to out-of-the-way native ethnic groups, their religion, culture, art and history. I graduated from Charles University in Prague.

In 2004 to 2005 I took together with Michaela Lorencová a two year travel hiking and hitchhiking across the whole Africa. In 2006 we published the book “Naked Africa” (Mlada Fronta, Prague) and in 2011 the book "Cesta vzhůru, cestou v dál, ZÁPADNÍ AFRIKOU (Gen, Liberec)". I gave a lot of photography exhibitions and presentations with projecting pictures. I publish in major geographical magazines (Cocktail, Peoples and Countries ...), at travelers’ servers, on TVs, radios, in newspapers.

I operate the ethnographical web Naked Naked (you are just taking a look at it), which lays stress on a unique elaboration of theme of African ethnic groups, including a unique photo documentation, an online encyclopedia and a book guide. I go on traveling around out-of-the-way places of the whole world and I document its slowly dwindling ethnographical and natural treasures.

Ondřej Havelka

Michaela Lorencová /Havelková

I was born in the Town of Policka, Czech Republic, in 1981. When I was 22 I set off on the travel across Africa, and it was my first travel to this continent. I go on traveling with Ondrej all over the world and I go in for scuba diving as well. I publish reportages in major geographical magazines. I am the co-author of the book Naked Africa.

Michaela Lorencová

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