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Facts and contracts of the black continent ...

Africa, also called Black Continent, which is the nickname of the second largest continent of the world, is a native country of about one thousand million people. According to the latest scientific findings the mankind came into existence just in this place and later settled the whole world ...

Map of Africa in 1617

Gradually the people of this hot continent have experienced plenty of important changes. The original inhabitants of central and southern parts of Africa Bushmens were forced out by the Bantu tribes from the west of the continent and they invaded nearly the whole Africa. Since that time we can speak about a black continent. The original tribes in the Sahara area were forced out to the south by the Berbers and the Arabs. Africa used to be and partially still is a native country of unique native ethnic groups that are bearers of intact cultural and religious bequest. It is mainly dwindling treasure of unique African ethnic groups which this website deals with.

Marocchi, year 1617
Senagenses, year 1617
Mercatores in Guinea, year 1617
Cab: lopo Gonsalvi Accolae, year 1617
Miles Congensis, year 1617
Cap: bonae Spaei habitores, year 1617
Rex in Madagascar, year 1617
Cafres in Mozambique, year 1617
Abissini, year 1617
Aegyptij, year 1617

Not a very long time ago Africa was naked and untrammelled. It was dangerous and fascinating. After the hard encroachment of European colonizers Africa has been dressed in ragged clothes, enchained and culturally violated. It is looking for its own identity, which was trodden into the ground by French and English colonizers. Although the Africans did not invite anybody, the Europeans came and carried away millions of people and sold them like beasts to be slaves. They dictated to the others new life rules, which nobody wanted. Tribe communities changed into nonfunctional republics led by venal dictators.

Europe, which committed a lot of mischief there, is still generating new and new projects of forced help and modification of the whole society to be according to the Euro-American model. It resulted in a sad reality of the tristful present. I do not want to perceive things in black and white, but this is our strong feeling, which came into being after several years of wandering around Africa during a few independent travels.

Tanger (Morocco), year 1617
Ceuta (Morocco), year 1617
Algiers, year 1617
Tunisia, year 1617
Alexandrie (Egypt), year 1617
Cairo (Egypt), year 1617
Illia de Mozambique (Mozambique), year 1617
Mines St. George (Guinea), year 1617
Isle of Grand Canaria (Canary Islands), year 1617

In spite of the great change, which Africa has experienced since Mr. Hanzelka and Mr. Zikmund were there, and much greater change since the time of Mr. Emil Holub’s travels to Africa, there are some naked and untrammelled places preserved. And just this intact and native Africa interests and fascinates us. That is why we want to devote this website and our work to unique ethnic groups, their original culture before the arrival of colonizers, to special forms of religion before the expansion of Christianity and Islam, and to fascinating African art as well.

Sketch of Emil Holub, year 1875

We would like to meet you with people untouched by civilization, and present you their different world. You can find here facts about African countries, useful information for traveling, and also pictures from our two year travel when hiking and hitchhiking across the black continent.

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